"What a thrilling opportunity for the Body of Christ to coalesce around college students and pray. Pray for revival on the campuses and pray that God would  draw every student into a personal relationship with Himself. The last Thursday in February has been set aside as The Collegiate Day of Prayer. Would you take time and pray for college students you know?" —Barbara Francis, US Campus Ministry Prayer Director, Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

“I am deeply motivated and excited as I consider collegiate ministries and believers outside the collegiate context praying together on the last Thursday of February for God to move on our campuses of the US as He has before in history. The third Thursday of February was chosen during the Second Great Awakening as the date everyone would set aside to pray to God for His Spirit to move on our campuses. We are aligning ourselves with those who have gone before us in seeking God for a significant movement of His Spirit across the US. I heartily endorse the Collegiate Day Of Prayer. Together let’s ask God to move once again as He has in past generations.” —Vic Black, US Prayer Director, The Navigators

“College students have always been at the forefront of what God is doing in the world.  The starting point of Christian spiritual stirrings and activity and revival begins when a handful of college students meet together on a campus for prayer.  I challenge students to set aside time and pray for their campus and fellow students on the Collegiate Day of Prayer, the last Thursday of February.” —Dennis Gaylor, former National Director, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

“Historically, college campuses have been prime places for revival to break out. The Collegiate Day of Prayer is aware of the way God has moved in the past and is calling us all to pray for Him to do it again in our day! I encourage praying Christians everywhere to join together on the Collegiate Day of Prayer, asking the Lord to awaken campuses across this nation and around the world.” —Dave Butts, Chairman, America's National Prayer Committee

"There is a spiritual battle in our nation today to define what love and truth are. The kingdom of darkness is assaulting this generation with deception concerning the truth about Jesus, His message of grace, and what the lifestyle of His kingdom should look like. God is looking for faithful witnesses who will stand for biblical truth about Jesus and His definitions of love, morality, and truth. The Collegiate Day of Prayer is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to stand together and contend for the release of God’s power to revive the college campuses of our nation and to turn the hearts of many towards Him. On the last Thursday in February, join in prayer with those who want to see Jesus’ name exalted on earth as it is in heaven." —Mike Bickle, Director, International House of Prayer Missions Base of Kansas City

"God is stirring up a movement of prayer across America that will release a great awakening and an unprecedented harvest of souls.  The Collegiate Day of Prayer is one of these national movements.  There is an unprecedented moral crisis in our nation that is shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.  We need a breakthrough from heaven.  More than a meeting and more than an event, the Collegiate Day of Prayer is a call to the Body of Christ to stand in prayer for the college campuses of our nation and the future of the next generation.  By participating in prayer with the Collegiate Day of Prayer, you are aligning your heart with God's heart to mark a generation with revival and spiritual awakening that would sweep across every college campus in our nation.  What God has done in previous generations that He would once again do in our day and age! Let's join in prayer on the last Thursday of February with the Collegiate Day of Prayer!" —Lou Engle, Founder, The Call

"College Students! Prayer! What a potent combination for God’s kingdom to move forth in this country.  It is a delight for me to see the Collegiate Day of Prayer call the body of Christ to unite in prayer for the next generation.  Please join with me in crying out for our nation’s campus this February." —Byron Paulus, Director, Life Action Ministries

“How vital that we are praying for the next generation! It gives us as moms great JOY to know you are focusing on prayer specifically for our college students.” —Kay Blythe, former US College Facilitator, Moms in Prayer International (formerly Moms in Touch)

“Some wells are worth are re-digging.  They may be buried beneath years of overgrowth, covered by the consequences of time.  But for those who are willing to dig, there's fresh water to be found.  The Collegiate Day of Prayer is that sort of well: a vast and life-giving reservoir of God's goodness stored up for students.  Let's dig deep and see what God does.” —Trent Sheppard, Author of God on Campus (IVP)