200 years ago the original Collegiate Day of Prayer was warmly embraced and promoted by the American church. Almost every evangelical denomination and university was praying for a mighty visitation of God to awaken and transform approximately 200 of America’s colleges at the close of the 19th Century. Today we have over 3,200 four year colleges and universities, and hundreds of two year institutions that desperately need the unified love and prayers of God’s people as never before. Take a moment to read a few testimonies from last year’s CDOP and ask God how you should be involved on this coming Feb 26th for the 200th anniversary of the Collegiate Day of Prayer.  

“It was incredible to witness people from different ministries connect with the Lord and each other through worship . . . and asking God for several specific prayer requests for the UW and for each other.”  

~The University of Washington


“A group of mothers, all with college age young people gathered in the evening. We prayed for about 20 different colleges and universities. God showed up in an amazing way. We prayed in the Spirit solidly for at least an hour… We could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. We picked a specific verse: John 17:17 and prayed that verse for each college and university.” 

~James Madison University


“We Prayed for 2 hours with other believers in the center of campus the day beforehand with other believers. We had a 72-hour prayer chain the 3 days before CDOP. God revived my heart and connected me with scores of other Jesus People!”   

-UC Berkeley

“At InterVarsity, we have a weekly large group meeting on Thursday evenings. We decided that this meeting for CDOP would be for extended worship and prayer. We followed the format of prayer that CDOP provided (open heavens, open heart, open hands). During our time of extended worship, we allowed people to write letters to God, pray in pairs, get prayer ministry, and go to interactive reflection stations. Some people also gave testimonies in having an open heart: surrendering their pride to God, turning away from sin. We also had people write down the spiritual strongholds of the campus. We ended with One Voice (Korean style) prayer where everyone prays together at the same time on being thankful, breaking down spiritual strongholds, and praying for friends and family to know Jesus. We then closed with the Lord's prayer together. I was encouraged by how receptive our students were to new styles of prayer and I think God was providing breakthrough and encouragement in the students who were actively seeking prayer ministry and pursuing Jesus' complete lordship over their life. 

 - California State University Fullerton


Take a moment to read a few testimonies from previous CDOP gatherings and ask God how you can be involved this upcoming February for the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Register to adopt a campus in prayer today.