God is orchestrating much this semester with colleges across America, and we want you to be a part of it.  As you know, the Collegiate Day of Prayer is a joint effort between ministries and churches across America.  To that end we have no specific organization to promote but we want you to see how your participation in the Collegiate Day of Prayer fits into an amazing symphony God is conducting this semester.  Read on… you won’t be disappointed.

The Collegiate Day of Prayer is February 25th, the last Thursday in February.  Please re-register for free again this year by going to www.collegiatedayofprayer.org.  Last year about half the campuses in America were adopted in prayer.  Would you consider adopting one more campus this year in addition to the one you prayed for last year?  If everyone did that we could have every campus in America adopted this year!
Before the CDOP…
Leading up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer, Luke18 Project and The Call are facilitating many college students and campus leader to join together in a 40-day fast that leads up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer.  Already over 700 students from 200 campuses have joined together to pray and fast for revival and awakening on college campuses over these 40 days!  And it's not too late to join — we encourage you to join however the Lord leads you.  You can get more information for this fast by clicking here.
On the CDOP…
On the Collegiate Day of Prayer, we encourage individuals, churches, and groups to gather locally to pray for the college students of America. Campus Renewal will also be facilitating a live video simulcast of a 24/7 prayer tent on the Washington DC mall. You can be register for free for this broadcast by clicking here.
After the CDOP…
After the CDOP, many campuses across America will participate in Rez Week by doing one or more cooperative events or outreaches the last week of March.  The goal is to unite as the body of Christ to make Jesus the most talked about person on colleges that week.
On April 9th and July 16th there will be two national gatherings to pray for revival in America, one in LA called AzusaNow and one in DC called Together 2016. Both will be catalytic gatherings planned in partnership with hundreds of ministries and denominations in America with expectations of over a million people gathering to life up the name of Jesus and to contend for a spiritual awakening in our nation! 
With all that is on the horizon, take a vital step today and re-register at www.collegiatedayofprayer.org. This semester is truly an amazing confluence among thousands of movements, ministries and denominations.  We want you to join in! Thank you for your participation in the past, and let’s work together to make this year another exponential step forward for the kingdom!

Contending with you for the college campuses of America!